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November 27, 2019

2020 Sixth District Officer Installation

Meet the 2020 Sixth District Officers

front row left to right: RWB Robert Welch, DDGM; WB Jerry Lacy, Treasurer; WB John Wills, President; WB Mike Phillips, 1st Vice President; RWB Mike Owens, DDGM
back row left to right: WB Todd Cook, Sgt At Arms; WB Joe Ferguson, 2nd Vice President; WB Carl Phillips, Chaplain; WB Bob Downs, Trustee; RWB John Maupin, PDDGM Secretary

November 18, 2019

Freemasonry Recognizes 65 Years of Dedicated Service

Crawford, K (2019), Geogetown, OH: On Saturday November 16, 2019, District Deputy Mike Owens, 6th district, presented Roger Adkins a 65-year service award for the Grand Lodge of Ohio.
Roger is a very active member of Georgetown Lodge #72.  He has served as Tyler, trustee, committee chairman for various temple repairs and lodge historian.  His published history of Georgetown lodge is available in many Brown county public libraries.
Also pictured:  Brothers and Roger’s family that attended the presentation.
Roger is currently rehabilitating at Georgetown Villa

October 29, 2019

Ohio Grand View Member Information System

You will find a link to Ohio Grand View in the Other Masonic Links on the right.

To verify a member number: 


Call or text with member number. Leave off the 'M' and any leading zeroes on the number.

October 21, 2019

2019 Sixth District Grand Master's Awardees

Emery 258, Milford 54, Moscow 122, Russellville 166
Congratulations! This is a significant accomplishment each year. It requires excellent lodge leadership, planning, and participation by lodge members and officers.

This year only 40 awards were earned in the entire State and four of those went to Sixth District lodges. Well done, one and all!

June 14, 2019

Saint John's Day - Spring 2019

Local Freemasons joined their Sixth Masonic District Brethren at Emmanuel United Methodist Church to observe Saint John's Day. Our very own RWB Robert Welch, DDGM delivered a very interesting presentation to the congregation. It was a good day for Freemasonry. Thanks to Emmanuel UMC for being such awesome hosts!

You know if RWB Troxell is around there will be a selfie!

May 28, 2019

2019 District Scholarship and Awards Presentations

photos courtesy of WB Wills

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